Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Re-mixer, Multi-instrumentalist and Label Owner, KDREW, is really excited to release his new new track “All Or Nothing“. This uplifting, emotional, yet powerful piece is one that will remain on most EDM listeners playlists, iPods as well as DJ live sets. The production value of this track really shows KDREW’S skill level and love for electronic music.

“All Or Nothing” is an exciting innovative track as it kicks off with a classic Progressive House intro. You know what that means, epic piano leads! From amazing riffs, bass lines, synths and orchestration, to Michael Jackson infused vocals, soothing breaks, fantastic builds and explosive drops! The more and more you listen the better it gets. He achieved some thing I think is wonderful. Seamless genre transitions keeping the whole song equally balanced and flavorful.

KDrew has now released four digital EPs via Indie Music Group entitled Free” (a total of seven), each one dipping in different styles informed by KDrew’s vast musical vision.

So hands down to you Mr. Kevin Drew, we look forward to your future releases. Till then, enjoy “All Or Nothing”