Whether you’ve been involved in the EDM scene for a year or for 10, you know this song. Some might not recognize the track name, or even the artist (although you should), but once you hit play there should be no doubt that you’ve heard this classic dance track before.

The song in question, “Insomnia” by Faithless, has just received a very highly anticipated remix from none other than the Swedish house maestro, Avicii. But is this revival of such a classic anthem warranted? I would argue against it, but Avicii does have quite the production finesse – so somebody thought it was deserved.

Upon listening to the three minute “Insomnia 2.0” remix from Avicii, however, it quickly becomes apparent that this remix was not only unnecessary, but also poorly executed. Bergling adds cute little synth play and modern production techniques to completely revamp the first drop, but the result is lackluster to say the least. Feeling more like a mediocre mashup than an official remix of one of the most popular dance anthems in the world, I have to say that not only did this release disappoint – but it also significantly lessened my excitement for Avicii’s upcoming album, Stories – especially following a weak remix pack for “Waiting For Love.”

Check it out below and leave us your thoughts on the remix, too.