Words never used to describe a FuntCase show: calm, “you know, just a regular night out,” low key, chill, you get the idea. The master of the angry claws has a reputation for attracting some of the harder fans on the bass music spectrum, and this past Friday at a show in Philadelphia, his fans proved their mettle.

When you go too hard last nightCourtesy: Kaneff Productions

Posted by District N9NE on Saturday, December 5, 2015

To say that FuntCase fans go hard would be an understatement. Props to the security at the venue who were smart enough to stand back and let fans do their thing before reigning it in again.

Let’s be clear though – it is never okay to trash a venue. The venue owners didn’t have to allow you to use their space, and just like someone’s house, you should respect it.

Check out a video of Dubloadz from the same show below:

Throwin down that new Rickyxsan in Phili the other night! Video credit: Kaneff Productions

Posted by Dubloadz on Monday, December 7, 2015