Looking to spice up your life? Not happy with the current assortment of sensations and experiences at your disposal? Well, the guys at Picobong have whipped up something special for you, and it’s called Remoji.

They’re aiming to bring more sexual variety to the world with their proprietary adult toys, aimed specifically at today’s festival culture. Including soon-to-be classics such as the Surfer remote plug, Life Guard remote ring, and the Blow Hole remote M-cup, their wireless line of vibrating toys can be synced to six different music genres, including techno and dubstep, and are covert enough for application in the most public of spaces.

“With summer fast approaching and music festival season about to kick off, PicoBong is poised to become your main provider of unforgettable experiences in sexual exploration.”

Imagine being at a club, making eyes with your honey, and watching a smile spread over their face as you manipulate their pleasure center from across the room. Well, we’ll just let you be alone with your thoughts for now…

Watch the video below and check out their Indiegogo campaign if your interested in supporting the project.


H/T EDM.com