The online media publication Fast Company credits itself as “the world’s leading progressive business media brand.” Now, whether you agree with that or not is only slightly relevant. They’ve just put out a list of 10 companies in music whom they think are the most innovative. It must be noted that there are no official references given in their list, and the opinions of Fast Company may not necessarily parallel those shared by Your EDM.

The one we’re most interested in on this list is, of course, LA-based Mad Decent founded by Diplo.

5. Mad Decent

For shaking up how music goes mainstream. The Harlem Shake meme defined the early part of 2013. And it was all because of how Mad Decent, the record label behind the artist Baauer, deftly reached the masses. The viral sensation sold more than one million copies and reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, but Mad Decent reportedly spent less than $5,000 marketing the track–initially giving it away for free. The label also continued expanding its popular Block Party events, debuting in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.

For sure, “Harlem Shake” caused a huge stir early last year. It was the talk of the town, garnering videos on YouTube by the thousands and reaching millions more. Their Block Party events span the width of the US as well as, now, in South Africa. My own personal issue with the list is calling Mad Decent innovative. Surely, they are successful and one of the more important labels in the business. However, I think innovative might be reaching a tad far.

In comparison to Shazam which recently began talks with Warner Music or Spotify who now faces challenge from Amazon, Mad Decent has relatively little contribution to the industry. Now, the music, that’s another story. I challenge anyone to decry their immense contribution to the scene with innovative artists like Flosstradamus, Bro Safari, or Victor Niglio. However, I believe this list is better in the hands of companies who have spearheaded changes in the way the business is run.

Then again, this “publication” has little relevance in our scene, to my knowledge; their thoughts on Mad Decent, being the only label [other than Columbia] on the list are suspect. You can look through the whole list HERE and let us know your thoughts below. Do you have a nominee for “Most Innovative Company” in the music scene right now?