Featured Artist: Aero Chord

Age: 22

City: Athens, Greece

Genre: Hybrid Bass

Exclusive Interview

Tell me about your origins… how did you come up with your name? When did you start DJing and producing respectively?

Well, my name wasn’t something easy to decide on. It took me at least 2 months of looking through name generators and combining their outputs endlessly until something good and meaningful and unique came up. When I saw Aero Chord it just clicked I guess. I started producing at the age of 14 I think, inspired by a cousin of mine who was making goa and psy-trance back then and who helped me through my first steps with Reason. I’ve never DJ’ed much in my life before Aero Chord, I just knew I have to go through productions first to gain some recognition so I saw no point in it.

You’re known for an extremely unique, yet consistent, sound. Who can you point to as your influences as far as sound design and style?

I’ve listened to so many genres in my life and because of that I draw inspiration from every genre there is, therefore a very wide band of artists. Not many people know this but two of my biggest inspirations have been Inspected (the label) , and video game soundtracks such as Metal Gear Solid and Devil May Cry. As far as artists that inspire me here are a few examples: Noisia, Burial, Hans Zimmer (yes the soundtrack legend), Brennan Heart, Joe Ford, Andy Blueman, Knife Party, Pegboard Nerds and of course Skrillex.

What is your personal favorite release thus far?

It has to be BLVDE. The track holds great emotional value for me and I think it’s technically my best track.

Your newest release was through Monstercat, do you plan on having more releases through this renowned label? Or any other major labels?

I will certainly work more with Monstercat, they are excellent at what they do!
At the moment, I have remixes coming up for Monstercat, Simplify and Kannibalen.

Can you tell us about any future projects or shows that you are particularly excited for?

I have 2-3 originals in the works which will be my magnum opus if you will. I don’t think anyone in the bass/hybrid/trap scene has ever heard anything close to these tracks.

Thank you so much for your time, to finish can you describe what went into this mix as far as track selection and DJ styling go (seeing as this is a live mix)?

For this mix I tried to showcase the diversity of my live sets and at the same time try and make people understand that a set of 128 bpm big room for 1 hour is just boring.
I hope I made my point somewhat. Also, last track is a tribute to my childhood since Crash Bandicoot dominated a lot of that 😛

My thoughts: This live mix from Aero Chord is thirty minutes of hybrid bass brilliance that spans many genres and a range of bpm. Starting with Nero‘s latest release, this is a mix you should have on your phone for workouts, car-rides (watch your speed, it gets crazy), or random needs to dance. Enjoy!


0:00 Nero – Satisfy (Simeon Festival Trap Edit)
1:14 RL Grime – Because of U
2:42 Knife Party – LRAD (Porter Robinson Edit)
3:25 Botnek & 3LAU – Vikings (Original Mix)
4:18 Twine – Predator [feat. Dion Timmer]
5:36 Aero Chord – Mortar
6:31 Aero Chord – Warrior of the Night (Original Mix)
8:21 John Askew – Blackout (Simon Patterson Remix)
9:58 Knife Party – Centipede
11:46 XVII – Kaiju
13:35 DJ Snake vs. Prodigy & Mercer – Breathe (DJ Snake Parisian Vision)
15:02 Aero Chord – BLVDE
16:23 Konec – Canon (Original Mix)
17:30 Jackal – Trick (Original Mix)
18:50 Diplo & Grandtheft – Pretty With Her Eyes Low
20:35 Carnage & Junkie Kid – Krakatoa (Diamond Pistols Festival Edit)
21:40 Aero Chord & GAWTBASS – Secret (Hansel Thorn Remix)
24:01 Seek N Destroy, LeKtriQue – Atomic (Aero Chord Remix) [Forthcoming Kannibalen]
26:00 Snavs & Fabian Mazur – Warrior (Original Mix)
26:51 Tomsize & Dakat – Jungle Pan
28:56 Skrillex – Fuck That (Dolan Dark’s Crash Bandicoot Remix)

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