College Weekly Live is an extension of the College Weekly YouTube channel self-described as “a mobile late night talk show currently touring college campuses across America.” Canadian big-room sensation DVBBS are the latest guests on the show and the brotherly duo talk about their musical origins, marijuana smoking, and one particularly funny incident that occurred at Ultra South Africa.

The premise of the story goes something like this – Chris Chronicles reveals that he’s been smoking weed since he was 14 years old, so clearly he must have some pretty interesting stories. The interviewer asks them whether or not they had ever gotten into trouble smoking weed internationally and Chris recounts the time that their tour manager saved their asses as they were heading into Ultra. Literally.

“We were going to play Ultra South Africa and we were rolling up to the venue and there’s a big line of people attending the festival trying to get in. I’d gotten arrested like two weeks before this and I had weed in my pocket ‘cuz everyone’s like “Don’t worry, it’s South Africa, it’s really chill.” So I gave the weed to my tour manager, rolled up, cop started flipping out. He stuck his head in and smelled weed and the cops start searching his bag. As he’s searching the bag, I see my tour manager Greg take the weed from his pocket and shove it straight in his ass.”

The brothers, and the tour manager, would eventually wind up getting into Ultra scotch-free. As for the weed, if you’re wondering whether or not they smoked it Chris also has an answer to that.

“We did. It was the only shit we had!”

Watch the short interview in full at the College Weekly Live YouTube channel below.

H/T: College Weekly