Paris Hilton — heiress, turned reality star, turned business woman, turned DJ — has just reinvented herself as a producer.

She shared plenty of snaps while working on some spacey tune(s) with her new Roli Seaboard Rise. Up until now, Paris has been focusing on DJing, raking in the cash as a resident act in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Ibiza.

Many people including Deadmau5 have ridiculed the self-proclaimed “raver Barbie” for not mixing live and making a stupid amount of money doing it, but here you can see she’s trying to learn the craft of producing.

Paris reached success with #1 hits, “Stars are Blind” and “Turn it Up” on the Billboard Dance chart back in 2006, and “High off My Love” peaked at #3 in 2015, so she has potential to make it again as a producer. Love it!

Let’s all do Paris a favor and not hate, but just wait and see where she takes it.


SOURCE: Snapchat