Fyre Festival is making headlines and trending on social media for all the wrong reasons.

The ongoing Twitter #FyreFestival chatter has prompted commentary from Cash Cash, Deadmau5, LOUDPVCK, Dr. Fresch, and Marshmello to name a few (more here). It seems like everyone wants to get in on the conversation about the biggest music festival disaster ever, but these tweets below are taking this fiasco to the next level.

In an unsuspected twist, Seth Rogen and The Lonely Island revealed they’ve already been working on a movie that sounds a lot like what went down at Fyre Festival.

We’re not sure how far into the production these guys are, but the film will inevitably have to take some pro tips from the real life version — whether it appears as geodesic domes, pathetic excuses for sandwiches, or a Ja Rule cameo.

If the film is half as entertaining as Twitter has been over the last couple of days, then we can’t wait!


Photo via Screen Rant