Sometimes Twitter beef is just too funny to be taken seriously, and this interaction between Calvin Harris and Deadmau5 is a prime example!

In an attempt to mock Harris, the Mau5 turned his helpful production tip directed toward pop producers into an insult that ultimately backfired…

Because, Harris shut it down perfectly with this comeback…

According to Urban Dictionary, there are a couple of different versions of a “wee fanny.”

1. literal meaning: small vagina
2. commonly used in glasgow by ”neds” to describe someone who is silly, annoying. ie dave shut up yah wee fanny.

Now, we’ll have to add in:

3. Deadmau5

Fellow Scottish house producer Chris Lake, and others jumped in on the conversation…

At this point the EDM legends should just suck it up and be friends, because this is ridiculously silly!


Photo: Rukes