Rick and Morty are back for a 3rd season and it looks completely bonkers!

Adult Swim‘s “most scientifically accurate animated comedy show” just shared its outrageous  trailer for the new season, and we’re already working on an invention that time warps us straight to the premiere July 30th. Or, better yet — to the end of the show so we can binge watch it all right now!

The ridiculously action-packed trailer is already #1 in trending on YouTube and taking over the world. Our favorite grandfather-grandson duo takes on Gromflomites and other extraterrestrials destined to cause menace, battling back with their keen scientific knowledge, portals, robotic weapons, digital explosions, and no shortage of wacky concoctions like “Pickle Rick” along the way.

“Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures!” Rick says to Morty. There’s no denying this show just keeps getting darker and more twisted, but that’s exactly what’s so awesome about it!

Not only is Rick and Morty unbelievably fun to watch, the humorous pair have transported themselves into the festival culture dimension… At Electric Forest this weekend, for instance, Rick and Morty totems, gear, and perler designs are commonly spotted in the crowd. I’m just lucky I have a media pass and some wifi to watch this right now!

The trailer is soundtracked by Dizzee Rascal & Armand van Helden’s classic “Bonkers.” Enjoy!