Anything can happen at Electric Forest, which is exactly what one lucky festival goer found out at the first of the two-weekend event in Rothbury, Michigan.

This dude, who was proudly and steadily holding up a totem boasting the iconic fake ID of McLovin, had no idea what he was in for while he was chilling near The Observatory nestled in the middle of the forest. He was about to attract the attention of Christopher Mintz-Plasse himself, who played Fogell in the 2007 hit teen comedy Superbad.

Ten years after his McLovin days, the actor has filled out a bit, grew a beard, and, especially while rocking sunglasses, is nearly unrecognizable.¬†We gotta give the totem owner some credit — at first glance, it would be about as hard to believe that the bearded man next to him was actually the real life McLovin as it was to believe that McLovin was a “25 year-old Hawaiian organ donor” — whether you were tripping out or not!

Anyways, this has to be the best video we’ve ever seen. Never underestimate the power of Sherwood Forest!