Concert promoter Taylor Winum and founder of Winum All Management (Brooklyn, New York) is facing felony charges for mistreatment/torture of his girlfriend’s cat. As disgusting as that sounds, it gets even worse… Warning: this content is graphic and possibly disturbing for some readers.

The pet owner reportedly came home to find Marcus the cat hiding under a couch with blood dripping from his mouth. According to court docs, her new boyfriend Winum described a scuffle — that the cat had fallen off a balcony outside their apartment and when he ran outside to help, Marcus “began to bite and scratch” him.

Marcus’ owner rushed him to the vet to find he’d suffered a skull fracture, ripped and bruised tongue, was unable to close his jaw, and sadly, the cat struggled to breathe. It was too late, and Marcus was put down to stop the suffering.

“My heart breaks so much more for him,” the owner, who asked to remain unnamed said. “He was so traumatized.”

Animal Control later obtained video footage from the apartment complex that revealed a much more horrific truth. Court docs state that surveillance showed Winum carrying Marcus by the throat to the apartment complex’s rear entrance, and he was later captured throwing Marcus into a yard by the head. Then, Winum caught up with the disoriented cat and grabbed him again. He squeezed the cat forcefully in what appeared to be an attempt to “break the cat’s neck.”

Winum’s cell number is no longer in service and he’s deleted all of his social media accounts. The defendant is charged with felony mistreatment/torture of animals, and is due in court August 10. He faces a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a fine up to $5,000.


Source: City Pages