deadmau5 has set his latest target: Kayzo

Let’s be honest, deadmau5 usually isn’t too impressed by much of anything. Recently, he was really pissed off by Armin van Buuren‘s “This Is A Test” stunt at Tomorrowland 2017 for some reason, so just imagine how riled up he got when Kayzo played the same “Test” intro and led it into a cranked up version of Jauz – “Feel the Volume.”

Well, we’re about to tell you… Here’s the gist of it, and the full Twitter beef is below:

deadmau5: “i just saw a dj copy another dj. i dont know what youre seeing.”

Kayzo: “I just played an armin break and cued it into a different song. idk but that just seems like normal every day djing but hey what do I know”

Becoming deadmau5’s latest target can’t be easy, but Kayzo played it off to the best of his ability.

deadmau5 vs. Kayzo

Photo via Rukes