Nothing goes together quite like Borgore and tits… And, the king of ratchet is giving his fans exactly what they want by dropping a music video on PornHub, out today!

The “Savages” video isn’t exactly x-rated but it does feature tons of boobs with interesting combinations of pasties — covered in milk and cereal, cherry juice, pickles, sprinkles, and more. It currently has a 90% rating, better than some of the actual porn on the popular website.

Prior to “Savages,” Borgore tried to tone down on the tits, but his fanbase just wasn’t having it… In fact, the producer’s attempts at releasing music videos without half naked females only provoked comments like, “Where’s wild out Borgore?” “Where’s the hoes at?” and simply put, “Borgore sucks.”

“And I’m over here thinking…” Borgore explains, “You want tits!?!? I’ll give you tits!”

Whether you like the video or not, if you need an excuse for getting on PornHub today… well, here you go:

Borgore – “Savages” On PornHub

Borgore – “Savages” Video Reactions