In response to unsettling and disunifying current events, Bassnectar took advantage of his coveted event Bass Center X to make a statement… Using his music festival as a platform to speak out, the producer used images to scorn hatred, groups that cause terror such as nazis and the KKK, and even called out President Donald Trump directly.

While it’s safe to say the man behind the bassy productions, Lorin Ashton, means well there are still some mixed feelings about his message. Hopefully nobody attending a Bassnectar show would support hateful, as the music he creates is meant to spread peace, positivity, and love.

One of the top comments on a Facebook post featuring the image below reads: “Lorin is exactly right, and for people saying politics shouldn’t be in electronic music, well y’all obviously haven’t listened to older bassnectar mixes.”

Another commenter adds: “If you guys are saying electronic music and politics should be seperate stop listening to electronic. Electronic music is LITERALLY devoted to unity. And unfortunately the Shit politics of our country currently are trying to divide us.”

A self-proclaimed conservative steps in, citing the most valid argument at play here — free speech: “So many people getting salty over this. I’m conservative, I feel like it would be rare to find an EDM artist who shares my values, and that’s fine! They have just as much right to speak freely as I do.”

Another top commenter says: “think this is stupid. Yea, I get the message but geez…talk about killing vibes. Ain’t nobody want anything political at an event.”

Some aren’t totally in line with the graphics, though: “3 are cool, I agree. But the 4th is political. And if I go to a show the last thing I want sparked in conversation is politics.”

Where do you stand?

Bassnectar Anti-Hate / Anti-Trump Graphics at Bass Center X

Meanwhile @ Bassnectar…. Thoughts?

Posted by Rave Humor on Sunday, September 3, 2017

Photo via aLIVE Coverage