Dillon Francis doesn’t take anything too seriously — and Apple‘s iPhone X launch today was no exception!

The EDM star put in his two cents during the unveiling of the new smartphone via Snapchat, offering up extra colorful commentary, and then shared the entire video on Twitter for the world to see. The result was as hilarious as anything Dillon Francis does on the internet (off the charts funny)!

“Get off the stage!” he yelled to the person on his TV at one point during the presentation.

“Show it to me, you piece of shit!” he screams out at another point.

The producer manages to rack up 6:35 worth of snaps, and it’s all pure internet gold! If you really want to know what the new iPhone X is all about, just take it from Dillon Francis — who probably has a future working with Apple now, thanks to his own incredible keynote-worthy performance today!

Dillon Francis Offers Commentary During iPhone X Launch


Photo via Rukes