Rick of Rick and Morty might be the smartest guy in the universe, but he has his character flaws…

As each season progresses, and rapidly spirals into the most outrageous situations imaginable, the mad scientist continues to exploit his grandson Morty more and more much to his benefit. Rick is also dismissive toward the rest of the family, even at times manipulating his own daughter and completely sabotaging his stepson. He’s a crazy genius for sure, with much disregard for any kind of feels.

However, while Rick prefers to keep up with his cold and distant persona, he does have many emotional moments if you watch closely. The video below shares some of the most revealing moments in Rick’s character development throughout the series, and the possibilities of where his mind is going.

In short, yes… Rick has definitely changed. But, much like the wonders of science, the answer isn’t that simple. Whenever he begins to find meaning in his love for family, he finds another distraction in the universe to entertain his addiction for adventure.

In order to understand Rick, this is definitely a must-watch!

Rick and Morty: Has Rick Changed?