Rick and Morty is so smart we can’t even fathom all the hidden messages and intricacies that are most likely lurking in the outrageous scenes, just passing us by. Meanwhile, the show’s writers are planting genius-sized easter eggs and foreshadowing events to take place for the rest of the season — if not the series.

Reddit user u/TheFlippyFloppy has pointed out one of the most mind-blowing details to date. But, first let’s set the scene…

The latest episode “Morty’s Mindblowers,” arguably one of the best Rick and Morty installments ever made (thus far), introduces us to the only thing better than “Interdimensional Cable.” Not only does it dive into a handful of mini-episodes within the episode, making you second guess everything that’s happening on screen — the show goes even deeper than that.

Without giving too much away (in case you haven’t watched) we’ll just say that there’s a particular Truth Tortoise that’s essential to the plot behind “Morty’s Mindblowers.” While on the surface, the Truth Tortoise’s powers seem cut and dry, he actually possesses a hidden truth behind a popular music conspiracy theory.

The Beatles‘ infamous “Paul is dead” suspicion comes to life, as the all-knowing turtle creature’s sinister chant is played in reverse. Well, as much as you tend to believe Rick and Morty is real life. If you’ve been living under a rock, there was once a band called The Beatles, which sparked a long-lived conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney died in a car crash back in 1966 and the band recorded secret backward messages about it in their material.

Just listen as he clearly states: “I’m a Beatle, Paul is dead.”

Rick and Morty – Truth Tortoise


Source: Vice