How’s that saying go?! Trick or treat… Smell my feet… Give Marshmello something good to eat… like chocolate mice! Something like that.

The sweetest DJ/producer in the game is doing Halloween right by us with a new video feature “Cooking with Mello.” The first episode (we assume) of the series features Marshmello cooking up some yummy treats inspired by his “little pet mouse from back in high school” that makes an appearance in the “Alone” music video.

Staying in character, Marshmello doesn’t do the talking — instead a soothing narrative dishes out the instructions for making these perfectly delicious chocolate mice. So, that’s the treat, but what about the trick?

Just wait for it… This serving of “Cooking with Mello” comes complete with a deadmau5 diss!

Cooking with Mello: Chocolate Mice