In case anyone needs reminding, which apparently they do… DJs are allowed to play Bassnectar tracks out during their show if they want to, ok?

It’s hard to believe anyone would catch flak for doing so, but Rezz is speaking out on the subject after apparently receiving criticism from some of his following. She opens up the conversation on Twitter with a lighthearted yet to the point tweet…

“If any1 has a problem w/ me playing (literally) [One] bassnectar tune in my tour set u need to drink a tea n stay calm ok everything is fine.”

Rezz has been playing Nectar for quite a while now, so why this is coming as a shock to anyone is baffling. First it was the always classic “Bass Head” which added some familiarity to Space Mom’s out-of-this-world sets, and now she’s switched it up to Bassnectar & Gnar Gnar’s “I’m Up” for her Mass Manipulation tour.

It’s sad that Rezz needs to explain herself, but feel free to read the tweets below.

P.S. If you seriously have a problem with other artists playing Bassnectar tracks, you need a lot more than tea.

Rezz On Playing Bassnectar Tracks

Photo via aLIVE Coverage for Insomniac