What’s better than Kendrick Lamar mixed with Skrillex mixed with Animojis? Not much, that’s what.

One dude created the most epic video mashup of Apple’s latest wonder, the Animojis, spitting the lyrics of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” set to Skrillex’s now famous version. Only using his own iPhone X & Final Cut Pro, user Dominic Kehoe was able to create something we can all relate to in just two days.

Considering there isn’t an official video for the “Humble” (Skrillex Remix), this visual featuring a fox, a bunny, a kitty, a unicorn, a poop emoji, and more will have to do. Call it fun, cool, or creepy, whatever — but just be happy we live in a world that videos like this exist.

Aside from the official “Humble” music video and this “Syrup Sandwiches” remix, this is easily the best. Soon, we hope these little guys can shout out the “just went viral” line with confidence.

Animoji Kareokii