Marshmello‘s new venture Cooking with Mello debuted on Halloween with delicious looking chocolate mice and a deadmau5 diss, and he soon followed up with a lackluster sequel in making Marshmello spiders.

Just when we were beginning to wonder if Marshmello only eats desserts, he came back with a quick and easy Indonesian rice dish, also known as Nasi Goreng. This time around, Marshmello stirs up the ingredients to make a legit meal that could come in handy for the college kids he appeals to.

“New recipes every Tuesday,” the series teases – there is plenty more to come.

Marshmello totally redeems himself in this episode of Cooking with Mello, so take notes! …BRB, going to whip some of this stuff up!

Cooking with Mello: Nasi Goreng


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