As promised, Bassnectar has unleashed the second part of his Reflective EP series today — out now via his own Amorphous Music!

Reflective Part Two features synergistic collaborations and remixes between the bass god and other heavy hitters, Dorfex Bos, Digital Ethos, Peekaboo, Azeem and G Jones. In addition, the new EP includes a special Bassnectar remix of his side project Naux Faux with long-time collaborator Sayr.

This is the most current update on Bassnectar’s ever-evolving sound, which is a mature, deep, and true “reflection” of just how far his productions have come. There are heavy moments, and plenty of softer moments, not without a healthy serving of some straight up trippy moments that will melt your brain.

Track-by-track, Reflective Part Two is all over the place, but the common denominator here is incredible sound design and endless imagination. Really, Bassnectar’s Reflective Part Two can take you anywhere if you let it!

Buy Reflective Part Two for your collection here and listen to his first Reflective installment here!

Bassnectar – Reflective Part Two EP