Mat Zo is a man of many talents — this we already knew. But when he decided to pick up a ukulele for an impromptu jam sesh, we weren’t quite ready for the amazement that was to follow.

The Grammy-nominated DJ/producer showcased his mad skills on the tiny little instrument, live tweeting the chain of events along the way. We couldn’t believe our ears as he effortlessly strummed up delightful, acoustic versions of The M Machine, Kill the Noise, Porter Robinson, and his new alias Virtual Self.

“My gf is sick in bed and it’s raining so I’ve been figuring out how to play all my friends tunes to pass the time. I’m sorry for filling your timeline with ukulele covers,” he tweeted. No need to apologize, sir.

“This stupidass ukulele cost me $100 and hell if I’m carrying it all the way back from Bali so I’m gonna milk it for all its worth.”

Porter Robinson was a common theme, as Mat Zo took on “Flicker,” “Language” and even Virtual Self’s new track “Eon Break” with his “stupidass” ukulele. How even?

Seriously, this guy is too good at music…

Mat Zo Ukulele Covers

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