Check out the GIF below — what do you hear?

Yes, we mean hear. Apparently over 70% (or so) of people believe this GIF has an audible nature to it. Just knowing GIFS are short, silent animations, this is a distressing phenomenon for many who come across this particular moving image on the internet.

“Why can I hear this?!” people are sharing this image over and over again on Twitter. Some think of it as an “optical illusion for the ears,” according to BBC, while some consider it a “visual ear” or a subtle form of “synesthesia.”

Scientist Lisa DeBruine used her account to help get to the bottom of this, and poll users on what they hear (or don’t hear). Over 17,000 retweets, 32,000 likes, 1,000 thousand replies, and an astounding 263,000 poll responses later and here’s where we’re at: 69% of people hear a thudding noise, 19% hear nothing, 3% hear something else, and 9% chose not to answer, but rather just see the results.

Personally, I hear nothing, but other Your EDM employees swear by it… What about you?

Do You Hear This GIF?

For those who can’t hear the GIF, we don’t want you to leave this page without a good listen… So here you go!

REZZ – Synesthesia

Source: BBC | Photo via