Daft Punk is more than just one of the most iconic acts in dance music, the duo has made a massive impact on pop culture and are some of the most recognizable public figures ever!

Daft Punk’s music has transcended genre and platform, and seemingly infiltrated every aspect of entertainment. Which is exactly why a recent article put together the top five uses of Daft Punk songs in movies and television.

Sure, we’re used to hearing Daft Punk’s hits play out at a festival or incorporated into a set here and there. Tracks like “Stronger,” “Get Lucky,” “Robot Rock,” and many, many more have found way onto the small screen and the big screen alike.

Here are the top 5 best movie and television scenes featuring Daft Punk’s music. And we say “top 5” lightly because there are tons of amazing ways in which the iconic dance tracks have been utilized over the years.

Shoutout TV Over Mind for this awesome list!

5. Mr. Robot -Touch

4. The Simpsons – Get Lucky

3. The DUFF – Give Life Back to Music

2. The Hangover II – Stronger

1. Iron Man II – Robot Rock

Source: TV Over Mind