The world has its focus set on 2018, but Virtual Riot is looking ahead to the future — 2055 to be exact.

The music producer has made some hilarious and clever predictions on what EDM might be like 37 years from now. While the following series of tweets are meant to be funny, it’s possible Virtual Riot isn’t too far off with some of these.

So, what’s the future of EDM like? First up, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas sells $200 tickets and $150 virtual reality tickets. We can totally see some sort of VR festival experience in the future. Porter Robinson has his anime series renewed for a second season. Also, not entirely surprising. Skrillex plays his first show on Mars in 2055 — we’re not betting against it.

Things get weirder, as Excision undergoes half-robotdinosaur-half-human surgery and Skism plays on 20 CDJs. Sorry, still no Chodegang reunion.

It’s hard to fathom what EDM will really be like in 2055, but here’s what Virtual Riot predicts…

Virtual Riot Predicts EDM in 2055


Photo via Virtual Riot/Facebook