The internet never ceases to amaze us — and this potato (yes, potato) cover of Darude‘s “Sandstorm” is something to behold.

YouTube user Pupsi has uploaded this gem of a video featuring a homemade potato recorder that hits all the right notes to revive “Sandstorm” in a starchy way. Perhaps just as intriguing as the cover itself, is how the potato’s creator widdles and carves ever-so-carefully to create a DIY instrument from scratch.

The guy behind “Potatostorm,” Toni Patanen clearly has some mad music skills, an enviable imagination, and a strong set of lungs, all of which are required to make a potato cover like this possible.

Being that this is only Pupsi‘s first upload to YouTube, we can’t wait to see what gets covered next! Put in your requests now, before this guy goes viral.

Darude – Standstorm (Potato Cover)