Holy Ship! 2018 was a huge success, but like everything else deadmau5 had to be all deadmau5 about it…

We’re not complaining, because his social commentary was actually very entertaining. Aside from throwing down as Testpilot, deadmau5 spent his time live tweeting about bros, and being scared to leave his room because of bros. The bro jokes didn’t stop there…

“Plotting a new course, hope you bros dressed warm,” deadmau5 shared in a recent

Interestingly enough, the producer ended up in the Captain’s seat navigating Holy Ship! on its 11.0 journey from Port Canaveral, Florida to Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas. What deadmau5 really thinks of Holy Ship! can be read all over his face in the second photo below

Watching deadmau5 behind the decks is one thing — but we’re not sure how to feel about him steering an entire ship! Thankfully, everyone made it back to shore safely, including Rezz.

“Playing on the pool deck soon!” she tweeted. “The boat is rocking so much :/// feeling sick af.”

Deadmau5 responded, “Fun fact: I’m driving the thing right now.”

Deadmau5 Navigates Holy Ship!


Photo via Rukes.com