deadmau5 — the ultimate troll — just seriously auctioned off his toilet water online all in spite of Hardwell! He has been teasing Hardwell for some time now for launching the fragrance Elipse. Now, deadmau5 has taken “eau de toilette” quite seriously in selling a literal bottle of his very own toilet water.

In the video below, deadmau5 proclaims:

“This is legit. This is the real deal. This is water direct from my toilet… Unaltered. This is not sink water. It’s not tap water. It’s not bottled water. This is legit water from the place I piss and shit… and it could be yours for the ridiculously low price of $50 dollars.”

Eclipse retails for €33,02, approximately $40 U.S. dollars, but deadmau5 got a $50 donation for charity with his own “toilet water” straight from the source.

“See, fucking Hardwell. I can push this shit, too,” deadmau5 says.

Again, shout out to Wanza7 for the upload!

deadmau5 Trolls Hardwell’s Fragrance