Avicii‘s next project isn’t exactly what you’d expect…It’s not an album, or an EP, or even a single he’s pushing, but a new, forward-thinking brand of cold brew coffee out of his homeland, Sweden.

MODE is made naturally, brewed cold without bitterness, and is low in acidity, which makes it smoother on your stomach, teeth and breath. It packs in more caffeine (190 mg) than regular coffee and energy drinks.

Avicii thinks MODE Cold Brew is the way to go when it comes to staying focused…

“In the studio I have always relied on energy drinks until I discovered cold brew coffee. When Mode Cold Brew was launching in Sweden it just felt natural to be a part of that. When I had the first taste of Mode I knew that it was the right choice!”

If Avicii is investing in this stuff, it must be pretty good. Cheers!

Avicii For MODE Cold Brew