Carnage just went on a major Twitter rant after someone bad mouthed his set…

The producer played Crush Arizona 2018 along with Kaskade, Getter, Crankdat, Grandtheft, Volac, and Gerry Gonza over the weekend. It’s probably true that many fans had a great time during Carnage’s set, but one bad review in particular set him off.

#FuckCarnage was a pretty harsh statement, especially coming from anyone who knew going into the event that they might be subject to “his angry music.” Instead of letting this one go, Carnage replied directly.

Welp. Calling young ravers “pussies” probably wasn’t the best answer. But Carnage does have a point in all this — it just needs to be decoded.

What Carnage says:

-The dance scene is stale because of negative ass EDM purists
-Butt hurt rave police need to step down
-PLUR is dead

What he actually means:

-People should be more open to new styles of EDM
-Just because you’re having a bad time — don’t ruin it for everyone else
-PLUR is dead (to Carnage)

Carnage’s “PLUR Is Dead” Twitter Rant


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