Steve Aoki and Desiigner are more than just collaborators — as their new matching tattoos signify they are also tour buddies and practically best friends forever!

These guys decided to get “KOLONY TOUR” tattooed on their bodies permanently, with a little sketch of a hand dropping the mic right next to the text, which represents their “Mic Drop” collab with BTS. Speaking of which, where were all of those guys on this one?

Aoki, Desiigner, and BTS have made “Mic Drop” an anthem in their own right. Even after receiving some harsh criticism, the producer continues to have an optimistic view on the collab and music in general.

“What one calls trash others will find the gold. Stay with what makes u happy and it doesn’t matter what they think.”

It’s impossible to watch the video below and not crack a smile, because these guys are cloud nine about the success of their song, the epic Kolony Tour, and their fresh new matching tats.

Steve Aoki & Desiigner Get Matching Tattoos

Aoki x @lifeofdesiigner x @bts.bighitofficial 🎤 ⬇️🖋 #micdropremix

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