This isn’t exactly breaking news or anything, but it’s official — Rezz is actually an extraterrestrial being!

Isabelle Rezazadeh, lovingly referred to as “Space Mom” by her fans, always knew she was different. I mean, have you read her comic book Mass Manipulation? It’s more fact than fiction. It might as well be her autobiography.

In an exclusive reveal to Your EDM, Rezz has confirmed she is indeed part alien. She didn’t offer any more specifics, but we’re guessing she went through to run the tests. There’s no way to be sure, because it’s all in a foreign alien language. Don’t even try to translate it.

For the sake of science, we’ll now refer to Rezz as “the specimen.” As it turns out, the specimen is 3% human, which is what gives her all of her humanlike traits. The other 97% of the specimen is unknown, but likely to be of a Neptune-based ancestry.

This doesn’t really change anything, as we’ve suspected Rezz to be an alien all along.

Do you think you might be part alien? Know the signs

-Have had paranormal experiences
-Feeling homesick
-Believing you have a mission
-Highly sensitive
-Don’t fit in with mainstream society
-Animals and children are drawn to you
-Vivid dreams
-Telepathic abilities
-Age well
-High pitched ringing in ears
-A natural understanding of the universe

Proof Rezz Is An Alien

As if we needed any more proof, here is some actual home video footage from the day Rezz was brought home…

“Space Mom” visuals…

The “Premonition” video and comic book are definitive proof that Rezz is indeed from Neptune and this is her story…


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