One YouTube hero decided to take April Fool’s day as an opportunity to upload an “awkward interview” featuring San Holo from SXSW — and it’s impossible to not get a laugh out of this.

The producer was just trying his best to get this interview under his belt with Austin Underground, talking “Light,” his first appearance at “South By,” and some other cool DJ stuff. Little did he know the footage would one day aspire to this.

It’s very awesome and a little bit sad because the original upload from Austin Underground has 882 views on YouTube since it was posted about a year ago. However, the “awkward interview” version has only existed online for a single day and it’s already racked up 13,878 plays. Humans just feed on weirdness.

This goes to show that real DJs are just as awkward as the rest of us — and that’s OK. This is meant to be funny and is no way meant to put down San Holo, because we all know just how amazing he is.

As it plays out, it’s easy to tell this is some pure internet gold we’re watching.

“Awkward Interview” with San Holo

San Holo – SXSW 2017 Interview


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