It takes a lifetime to be Skrillex — but we have a shortcut if you really want to get down to it!

YouTuber and producer MOONBOY took it upon himself to break down the Skrillex creative process (or at least his hack-like shortcuts). In literally 3 minutes, he makes a sound similar to the OWSLA producer. It probably took him much longer to edit the video than to demonstrate.

The samples are the best part, so if you try this on your own be sure to make it weird.

“I wanted to make something fun for y’all! I’m surprised it took me this long to create a Skrillex themed video haha,” MOONBOY explains.

But this isn’t a dubstep tutorial, “…this is more of his melodic side. Like the song Would You Ever with Poo Bear.”

Although he’s been very reserved with his releases lately, best believe Skrillex has been staying busy in the studio. Whenever he decides it’s time to drop his next album, it’s going to be epic.

So, you want to be Skrillex? Here you go!

How To Be Skrillex In 3 Minutes