Last month, deadmau5 shared a couple of photos of his kitten, Noob, which he introduced as “meowingtons and the other cats new little sister.” Now, the little ball of fur is finally home sweet home.

As promised, there’s plenty of content…

The kitten lets out the most adorable “mews” as she and deadmau5 get to know each other in the first upload below. If the exchange between the producer and his new, pint-sized pet doesn’t instantly melt your heart, then there’s clearly something wrong with you.

Not everyone’s a fan, though. It might take a hot minute before things smooth over between Noob and the cat of the house, Meowingtons. The real OG throws a literal hissy fit as the kitten innocently “mews” in yet another ridiculously cute video. They’ll figure it out.

“Meowingtons, don’t be a dick,” deadmau5 tries to mediate in the second video.

Yay for cat videos! Keep ’em coming!

Meowingtons Meets Deadmau5’s New Kitten

It begins

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Someone's salty…

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