No doubt, Snails x Jauz is the monster collab we’ve all been waiting for. The two have consistently leveled up since they first began as producers. Now, it’s rare to ever see a lineup without one or both of their names at the top — the two have even went b2b much to the excitement of fans.

The photo below shows the two having fun, just like best friends do. But the post is much more revealing. “When @jauzofficial tells me he can eat more tacos than me..” he captions the candid moment. “p.s. we have a new song together coming out real soon…”

Jauz has promised his new album will drop early this year and well — it’s about that time. It would only make sense that this new collaboration is part of the producer’s forthcoming 17-track album.

At the turn of the new year, Jauz wrote:

“My resolution for 2018 is all about giving you guys the most raw, honest, real version of Jauz and myself that there is,” he revealed via social media at the turn of the new year.

“No more cheesy social media posts, TONS of music, coming out as fast as I can make it, and sets that will help introduce new, fresh, weird music to people who might not hear it otherwise. And to start it off right, there’s an album coming. Early 2018.”

It’s been speculated that the new track from Jauz and Snails is the one being played out in this video here. Although it’s lacking any of that Vomitstep sound from what we can hear of it, Snails all but confirmed it with shark and snail emojis earlier this month.

Snails x Jauz Coming Soon


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