Festival season means rave booty season. And this year, “glitter booty” is definitely in.

The new trend is catching on quickly, frequenting music festivals and social media alike. Girls (and guys) are getting cheeky with creative glitter and gem designs, perfect for these “sun’s out buns out” months.

Some are even ditching their bottoms completely and going all glitter down there! The most daring looks involve losing all the clothes for just glitters and gems, top to bottom. Of all the ways people express themselves at music festivals, this is not a bad look.

However, with glitter bans gaining steam in the UK and over here in the US, we’re not sure how long this trend will last. Before you try out this look, make sure you educate yourself on why “glitter is litter” and consider getting biodegradable sparkles for your bum.

Other than that — what’s not to like about a glitter booty!?

Glitter Booty Pics


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