After what went down at Fyre Festival last year, one would think that the event wouldn’t push further promotion of any sort. But then again, it is Fyre Fest we’re talking about and that’s exactly what happened when they opened up a pop-up shop with excess merchandise yesterday.

The company reportedly sent out an email for a pop-up shopping event, which took place in NYC. “You can finally buy all of that Fyre Festival merchandise you never got your hands on!” the message boasted. That in itself is messed up, as is the measly 10% off in-store coupon.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Unlike Fyre Festival itself, this pop-up shop actually happened as it advertised. Unless whoever was running this shop was a fraud trying to make a quick buck. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

According to a reporter at Digg, we are left with more questions than answers after this stint. Below is just a snippet of that guy’s personal account of this totally shady pop-up store. Read the full story here.

Just as the packed hallway became almost unbearably hot and my “Punk’d” paranoia reached its peak, we were led into the pop-up shop. There, on a couple clothing racks, were Fyre-branded hoodies, shirts and pants in white, yellow, cyan and black. The original Fyre Festival announcement video looped on the room’s projector screen.

After snapping a few shoddy pics on my phone I made a beeline for the racks to scope out the merchandise and, more importantly, the prices. The cheapest thing you could get was a $50 baseball cap. $100 could get you a shirt, some pants, a useless Fyre Festival coin or a wristband. For $200, you could be the proud owner of a Fyre Festival hoodie, which, if the murmurs of eBay prices I heard in the room are true, would be a steal… if the merchandise is legitimate.

$50 caps? $200 hoodies? WTF, Fyre Fest?

Fyre Festival Pop-Up Store


Source: Digg