Back by popular demand, San Holo has appeared on Sidewalk Talk for a very special edition of the interview segment in which he answers fan questions about love and relationships.

So what makes San an expert on the topic? Love can be heard as common theme in his music, but when it comes to love and relationships, he admits he doesn’t know what he wants. That doesn’t stop him from loving.

“All of the songs I’ve written are basically all about love for something or for someone,” Holo explains in the video below.

He goes on to answer questions about the love he has for his parents, his idea of a perfect date, and even his high school crush. The candid conversation really shows off the producer’s sensitive side as he projects his true feelings about love.

To top it all off, he offers up some pro tips on approaching someone you might be interested in. San Holo says don’t try to be cool and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Be honest from the start. Start by simply saying, “hi.”

Above all else, he says, it’s important that you’re happy yourself.

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San Holo x Sidewalk Talk


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