Sorry we’re not sorry about this puppy post. Because, the newest extended family member of The Chainsmokers happens to be the cutest baby golden retriever ever!

Meet Mooshu, the softest, cuddliest — did we mention cutest? — little pupper we’re now following on Instagram. Weeks ago, he was adopted by Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers and became an instant hit with the duo and their following.

Mooshu even has his own social media account, which snapshots the “happy dumpling pup” in his day-to-day life. As with most dogs, it looks like he’s living the life — sleeping, playing and giving all the kisses.

Follow @mooshuthegoldendumpling to keep up with this cute lil pupper! He’s bad to the bone.


I now pronounce you man and dog love 💕

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Nugget pup | @lucas_taggart

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The ol’ Boop and Bite

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Bad to the 🍖

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