The rumors are true: Die Antwoord is gearing up for their final album. And, naturally, they’re getting really weird with it.

Simply putting out a record wouldn’t be suitable for these two eccentric musicians, individually known as Ninja and Yolandi Visser. Instead, they’re teasing and releasing their forthcoming album in true Die Antwoord fashion. The two have revealed telling details of 27 in a series of tweets and fans are already freaking out. After reading this, you’ll understand why.

2 GOLDEN DAWN 7 #1stSingle #HiddenTrack – Yo our final DA album is going to be released unusually over the next year or so. Our final album is called 27 and will feature 27 songs and many collaborations with our favorite artists in the world.

Die Antwoord have also revealed the main portion of the album will be released as a 10-track soundtrack, set to an original feature film they’re busy making at the moment. The other 17 tracks will be hidden on Side B of a super limited-edition vinyl dropping not just soon, but “soon soon.”

It sounds like Die Antwoord is going all out for this final record! This is about to blow our minds.

Die Antwoord’s Final Album