Dillon Francis has revived his wildly loved and absolutely hilarious DJ Hanzel interviews. This time around, he’s spoiling us with director’s cuts with his most famous guests.

Behold, this candid sit down with the “very beautiful” and “striking” DJ/producer Alesso — which should not be mistaken as a lasso. Because, that’s just wrong.

He answers all the hard hitting questions like, “Why does he DJ if he’s so beautiful?” Being a model would be so much easier, but Alasso — er, Alesso — defies all odds with his alarm sounding music. He’s so much deeper than his looks.

Enjoy this One Deeper Talks and expect more to come from the funniest guy in the DJ game! Also, check out his interview with the also model-esque Calvin Harris.

Alesso: Interview | One Deeper Talks (Directors Cut)


Photo via Rukes.com