Bassnectar‘s live set at Electric Forest weekend 1 was as magical as ever, as the festival’s mainstay act unleashed tons of previously unheard music from his forthcoming release, Reflective 3. For the most part it was pretty chill, until the “Whiplash” came.

The test drive was going well as his “diverse mix of slo mo hypnotic sounds and super hardcore blast beats” wowed a totally packed Ranch Arena on Saturday night. The big noise he promised was definitely present, and as long as you weren’t too far back you could feel it hit, too.

Nectar saved his most show-stopping track for last, letting his new collaboration with Gnar Gnar play out as a grand finale. The song, titled “Whiplash,” certainly has the potential to give bass heads just that. It’s impossible to not bang your head to this one.

Watch as Bassnectar plays out “Whiplash” for the very first time and soak in a little bit of that Electric Forest energy! There’s no telling what he has in store for weekend 2.

Bassnectar x Gnar Gnar – “Whiplash”


Photo via aLIVEcoverage