Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fresh new tattoo that’s inked on Rezz, shall we?

The DJ/producer is now forever sporting a tripped out blackwork tat that represents a strong dedication to her craft. This tripped out image mimics visuals from her shows, meant to stir up intrigue and even hypnotize her audience.

“I snatched my own soul with my new tat,” she gleams on social media.

Now, Rezz can simply take a glance at her arm and portal to a time and place where she’s in her zone, putting on a performance for her adoring fans. Like some sort of optical illusion, it appears as if her tattoo could suck you right in.

But, did it hurt?

“For the most part it didn’t hurt but some moments def were cringe I was like Fekkkkkk,” she says.

Rezz’s overall presentation, from her productions down to her visuals are always on point. And, we have to say, the tattoo artist completely nailed this design — known as an “optical fractal.” Check it out!

Rezz Gets Trippy Tattoo

I officially match my visuals. New tat by @coreydivine

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Photo via Rukes.com