RL Grime‘s performance at Lollapalooza Paris over the weekend was lit — literally.

Instead of the typical mosh pit, fans took it upon themselves to start a fire in the middle of the crowd and dance around the blaze. We’d expect this sort of thing at Burning Man perhaps, but not at Lolla.

As the beat drops in the footage below, the crowd lights it up and everyone goes absolutely nuts to “Core.” Although we’re not sure this is the safest thing to be doing here (it’s really not), it does look pretty awesome in the heat of the moment.

The first video below even garnered a retweet from the man himself.

RL Grime’s forthcoming album NOVA drops this Friday, July 27 — so expect even more fire dropping very soon. Plus, check him out on his NOVA Tour through the end of this year.

Bonfire At RL Grime Show


Photo via Rukes.com