Sacha Baron Cohen is at it again. You may have seen him on the big screen as Borat of Brüno, but most recently he went undercover to troll a Miami crowd into thinking he was none other than DJ Solitary — and it’s all captured on camera!

As part of the British actor and comedian’s Who Is America? series on Showtime, Baron Cohen portrays an ex-con-turned-DJ known as Ricky Sherman aka DJ Solitary. Yeah, he’s a little rough around the edges but it isn’t too long before he wins over the promoter because of his “extreme” style of music.

DJ Solitary gets his big break at SWAY Nightclub in Miami, one of the city’s hot spots for nightlife and dance music. The reviews are mixed, but overall he really owns his quirky, cringe sound (which, is all thanks to Hudson Mohawke).

Without giving away too much, just know this is worth the 6-minute watch — no matter how uncomfortable it may make you feel.

DJ Solitary @ SWAY Nightclub


Screenshot via Showtime