Most of us don’t really know what goes on inside the DJ booth. You can always bet on black clothing, bottle service, and lots of bangers on deck — but thanks to Steve Aoki we now know the very strange item that Calvin Harris keeps next to his setup.

A framed photo of Rod Stewart. WTF?! We’re not totally sure how long this has been going on, or if it’s a regular thing, but it’s safe to say Calvin is a fan of the rocker that brought us classic songs like “Maggie May,” “Hot Legs,” and “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

“When u realize @calvinharris has a framed photo of Rod Stewart on his dj booth,” Aoki shares in the tweet below. “Simply amazing.”

Some of his greatest hits may be behind him, but Rod Stewart is actually gearing up for a new record set to drop next month, Blood Red Roses. If he ever crosses the DJ’s path while on tour, maybe he can sign this framed photo to make it count!

Even celebrities fangirl/fanboy from time to time… Just watch.

Calvin Harris Displays Photo of Rod Stewart


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